Fields of Application/Focus Areas

Microbial Genomics/Infectious Diseases

 In recognition of the disease burden in
Sub-Saharan Africa, we are committed to utilizing our synergized approach to tackle
COVID-19 and other respiratory as well endemic pathogens in the region and
contribute to active disease surveillance against future threats in the region.


 By offering a comprehensive range of genomic profiling tests (germline
and somatic) as well as incorporating the latest real-world clinical evidence into test
reports, we aim to ensure that the reports physicians receive provide relevant
information such as tumor mutational burden, microsatellite instability status and
actionable treatment options across a wide range of cancer types.

Medical Research & Applied Life Sciences

 Our goal is to support the life sciences
industry by facilitating biomarker identification, development and shorten the
development time and distance between the discovery lab and the bedside.